Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Asshole

It’s no secret that television is a vacuum.

And given the advent of satellite and cable that little problem is exacerbated a thousand-fold; people turn on the tube at all hours of the day, every day. Gotta have content, you know?

Which explains why Dan Akroyd is still able to find work.

Radio faces the same problem, perhaps even more so: talk radio is interactive in a way even the Innnernetz can never be. You call in and listen to your wonderful voice coming over the air. It doesn’t matter what you say, or even how you say it. It doesn’t matter whether you are polite, though aggressive assholes tend to rule.  Maybe that’s because -generally speaking and not to overdraw on the too-big-to-fail bank of modern tropes – radio listeners as a rule 1, and talk radio listeners more specifically, seem to be spoiling for a fight. Or maybe it is just that they feel no one listens to them IRL quite like Their Host. Hell, maybe they really, really want to make a difference in society but simply can’t afford to buy 6000 rounds of ammunition over the Innernetz.

Which goes a long way to explaining the popularity of assholes like Rush Limbaugh. 2

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. That I’m willing to cede I just made up whole cloth.
  2. I swear when El Lardo first opens his mouth to ramble around the thorny weeds of his mind you get the distinct sense he’s fallen off the Vicodin wagon.

8 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Asshole”

  1. I actually listen to Rush if I am in the car when he is on, although he used to be a lot more entertaining before. He is not even trying anymore. It’s not his fault that people believe every word he says is a stroke of genius. Before the internet he had a monopoly on this kind of stuff, now he is pretty tame compared to others. Like the guy who was explaining that the batman shooter was drugged by something being blown in his face.

    1. “It’s not his fault that people believe every word he says is a stroke of genius.”

      I learned many useful things in the Boy Scouts; not a one of them had anything to do with willfully, gleefully lying to sub literates, Downs Syndrome sufferers, shut-ins, the aged, mental defectives or even just the gullible.

      And certainly not for gain.

  2. Nice try, you two. Sure, there may have been such a thing as “radio” back in the olden days. Maybe, but I’m skeptical. Just as I’m skeptical that there was ever such a thing as Loch Ness Monsters, Big Foots and Yakov Smirnoffs.

    1. I know people who paid money to see Yakov, so he must be real. Not sure about the rest.
      In my day the government scrambled the radio, it sounded like you’d imaging the scrambled channels on paid cable sounded like.

    2. i once saw a wee Nessie in Invermoriston. She crept into my room one early morn to show me her paps and erse, demanded that I ram it in her physogg, the cow…

      My days in harness to the country had more than their fair share of benefits.

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