Oh hell just pick one, any one

Fat? I'm not fat?
How could we miss someone as fat-headed as you?

We’re sad to say that you can’t find everything on the Innernetz. The Innernetz can be, in fact, teh stoopid.

A while back we idly speculated on Gov. Christie’s probable weight. 1 Which led us to wonder who might have been the most morbidly obese disgustingly fat portly sitting Vice President of These Here United States.

The usual suspects were of no help, so we turned to the Pros:

Greetings from ipl2!

I am writing in response to your follow up with the question you had asked previously on the heaviest sitting Vice President. I apologize, as I seem to have misunderstood what you meant by sitting Vice President. 2 I am, however, not able to give you an answer to this question. I say this after referring to colleagues as well as multiple other sources. I can however give you a few print materials that you can look up that may be helpful. One of which being a biographical book on the Vice Presidents.

Purcell, L. Edward. (2010). Vice Presidents: A biographical
dictionary. Facts on File; 4 edition

The other is a compilation of biographies from Presidents, Vice
presidents and first ladies.

Diller,D., Robertson,S. (2005). The Presidents, First Ladies, and
Vice Presidents: White house biographies, 1789-2005. CQ Press

This is a print resource that we are recommending to you. We
encourage you to take this citation to your local library, which

…and more less than helpful nonsense like that. 3

Had it been our first rodeo we might have been crushed by the Innernetz lack of depth. But we are made of sterner stuff and shall, at some future point, prevail. Besides, should ol’ Dim Man pick shrub’s ho Condi, the exercise is moot.

Stay tuned. 4

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Show 4 footnotes

  1. More than a divan, less than an Isuzu.
  2. Seriously? You misunderstood the term ‘sitting’ in reference to a public office? If I referenced an individual ‘who stood for office’ would you misunderstand that? See, this right here is an example of the KCMO public school system…
  3. Oh, we’re sure ipl2 tried. But the library nonsense? Insult to injury…
  4. Or send us the fucking correct answer; either way works.

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