Nick and Nora at Knuckleheads

…some totally ad hoc, we’re too old and should be in bed as it’s possible we’re still the teeniest bit high, thoughts on the music last night:

  • Maria the Mexican rocks. We hadn’t heard them before but they were outstanding. Highly recommend. The ladies learned their mariachi chops from their 92 year-old grandma (who was in attendance) and the band was tightest when performing in that vein. Originally scheduled to open for Los Lobos but got bumped late in the game when Making Movies became available…
  • Making Movies. Meh. Seemed overly impressed with themselves for no apparent reason. Sound was just one big wall, and not like, say, a Tower of Power wall of sound. More of a constant blare. Don’t know if it was the guy on the soundboard or we were just supposed to only hear the organ over the other 23 players (this started out as a trio; dollars to doughnuts they’d be better going back to that. they certainly couldn’t be worse), but it was annoying. Also? The skinny vocalist with the overly matted hair? Can you say ‘Geddy Lee’? You can? Well, don’t; I hate Geddy Lee.
  • Los Lobos. They fuckin’ nailed it. We’d only seen them live once before, at the Rainbow Music Hall in Denver. And that was in the early 80s but the dudes have not lost a step. Tight tight tight! They opened all acoustic, playing traditional Spanish-language songs, then a number of tracks from La Pistola y el Corazon. After 45 minutes or so they switched to electric instruments and started rockin. A 3-track block from Kiko. And on it went. The set lasted a couple hours. Don’t think anyone sat the entire time; dancing was the rule. Best thing live we’ve seen since our buddy Lyle 1 was last in town.

Funny thing – the mean age was probably 50. Hardly a Westside vato in sight. Thought we spotted Nadia Pflaum 2 but she’s so tiny it’s hard to be sure…

All in all an enjoyable evening. If you’ve never been to Knuckleheads, hit up their web site, find a band you’d like to see live and just do it. 3

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 3 footnotes

  1. And we’ll see you next month when he pops back in, right?
  2. No, no celebrities. Lots of local musicians though.
  3. Truth in Blogging: the Charles are neighbors with one of the players in Maria the Mexican. Making Movies still sucked though.

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