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When I go outside on a clear night, thousands of stars are spiraling over my head, and in the summer there are animal sounds, and only steps from my door I can make believe that I’m out in the wilds again, a man and his dog taking a piss before bunking down by the fire. I can imagine that we’re free.

Chris Jones  – The Joy of the Outside Leak


»  Went outside to get the morning paper and instead sat down on the front porch to masturbate. It was lovely, cool after the extended heat wave, you could hardly tell we just went through two weeks of one hundred degrees plus heat. I had woken with a piss-on that had hardly abated during my quick trip outside so I released my member to the fair morning and spilled my seed over Nora’s Black-eyed Susans. Totally refreshing.

»  Jerked off in my neighbor’s backyard late night. It was oddly liberating. I hadn’t felt that free with myself since I was 12 and rubbed one out while watching Karen McCaskill’s mother stuff her overly long pubic hair back into the leg holes of her polka dotted bikini while she stood in the public shower at Sunny Shores. The spunk was strong both times, the odor of chlorine clear and vibrant. Though the stillness of the opposum somewhat nonplussed me.


» Absolutely couldn’t wait until after work to bust a nut, went out to the parking lot, intending to quietly toss one off in the car -with the door open – but was overcome by the smell of the hot tarmac. I unzipped my suit pants and let the big dog out. I leaned up against a the rear end of sexy little cream colored  Aero-X and started gently thrusting against the sun heated metal. I screamed when I came.


»  Today was the first day I was allowed out in ‘the yard’ which is nothing more than a rough earthen square hard packed by millions of slow shuffling feet. The heat was so intense I could smell the dirt. The sun was as blinding as my lust. I pulled my cock out and prepared to free myself when I was savagely beaten. Woke in the infirmary.


» Dreaming of open spaces I managed to jack off deep in the night after my mongoloid cellmate passed out from the contraband skag.

»  Ibid.

»  Ibid.

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