In Memoriam

Jessica N. Ghawi, 24

In early June, Jessica Ghawi walked out of a Toronto mall moments before a gunman walked in. The shootings that followed killed two people and wounded half a dozen more.

“I was shown how fragile life was,” Ghawi wrote on her personal blog. “… I was reminded that we don’t know when or where our time on Earth will end.”

Ghawi, who went by Jessica Redfield professionally, had moved to Denver from Texas a year ago to pursue a career as a sports journalist. She worked as an intern at Denver sports radio station 104.3 The Fan, and with the You Can Play Project, a gay-rights group that supports equality in the locker room.

“I specialize in sports media and snark,” Ghawi wrote on her blog. “Not your typical sarcastic feisty redhead attempting to perfect the trifecta of class, sass, and crass. Yankee born, Texas raised, Colorado blooming.”

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(Jordon Ghawi’s blog)

(Jessica Ghawi’s blog)

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  1. I am very , very sorry for the loss & shooting victum of Jessica N. Ghawi. This tragedy of her & those other victums should not have happened. My deepist condolences to her family and their familys. R I P

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