If wishes were horses…

BLITZER: There’s an ominous new warning coming in from the Pentagon. Iran’s missiles are getting more accurate, apparently getting more deadly as well. Let’s go to our Pentagon correspondent, Chris Lawrence, he’s got the details for us. What are you learning, Chris?


LAWRENCE (voice-over): Iran’s recent missile test showed off their capabilities. And a new report from the Pentagon confirms it. Iran’s ballistic missiles are more accurate, more versatile and more deadly than ever. The report finds that “Iran may be technically capable of flight-testing an intercontinental ballistic missile by 2015”– the type of missile that could hit the U.S. if it works.

JOHN PIKE, DIRECTOR, GLOBALSECURITY.ORG: This is going beyond simply being able to strike at other countries in Iran’s neighborhood.

LAWRENCE: The real battle may come on the high seas though. Within the last few weeks, the U.S. Navy has doubled the number of mine sweepers in the region to protect the oil supply moving through the Persian Gulf. The Pentagon report says Iran is developing short-range missiles that can identify ships at sea and maneuver towards them in mid-flight. And Iran already has a missile that could reach the U.S. if it could put it on a ship and move it to within 600 miles of the American coastline.

PIKE: And if you wonder why it is Iran keeps delaying missile they could shoot at long-range against the United States, I suspect maybe it’s because they’re working on the easier solution: the missile fire from a ship.

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Had I concerned myself with Philosophy in the 10th grade instead of “researching” exactly where Kay Weissman dabbed her White Shoulders, I would have read my Pascal; were I to understand Pascal’s conversation with (pseudo) Dionysius on the ineffable, perhaps I would understand love; if love could transpose the base and vile into beautiful form and dignity, perhaps I would understand the e-vil in men’s hearts; understanding the e-vil in men’s hearts, I would move immediately to Hollywood; in Hollywood perhaps I would do a doper’s stumble into Cinnamon for some vegetarian Thai where I would accidentally run into Sarah Silverman; if I ran into Sarah Silverman, but after I helped her up, I could stand real close to her; if I stood real close to Sarah Silverman, I would whisper in her delicate ear…

But the chances of my getting close enough to whisper in Sarah Silverman’s delicate ear without Nora nutting me are exactly the same as…let me think…what else is impossible? Oh, I don’t know, perhaps those of a missile laden Irani warship 1 cruising within 600 nautical miles of the continental United States without suddenly disappearing beneath the the foamy green waves without even a sigh.

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  1. Assuming the Moudge class frigate, armed thus: 4 x C-802 Noor anti-ship missiles, 1 x 76 mm Fajr-27naval gun, 1 x 40 mm AAA, 2 x 20 mm cannons, and 2 x triple 324 mm torpedoes; total displacement is 1,420 tons. Far too massive to pass undetected as, say, a European swallow might (either unladen or carrying a coconut.)

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