When Pigs Fly

Only 33% interest! Or we kill you. And your pigs!Russian fans of the videogame Angry Birds will soon be able to get special debit cards — or “Angry Cards” — giving them discounts on the game’s products.

Moscow-based Promsvyazbank said it will start issuing the new MasterCards on June 4. They will be printed with images of the various characters and will give users a 10 percent discount on all Angry Birds-branded products.

Besides debit cards, the bank will also issue Angry Bird cash cards, which users top up with money. The bank will pay a 4 percent annual interest rate on the card’s balance. 1

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  1. Better rates, too, than any of the Stinking Ripoff Artists of Delaware, Inc.

3 Replies to “When Pigs Fly”

    1. i’ve got a black one; strangely it’s referred to as a ‘diamond’ card. go figure. guessing it’s not the mythical black card you’re thinking about…

      and, no, never picked a card for the pictures. found that whole cap one campaign with your own photo extremely strange. but i agree here: the benefits of the card outweigh the nasty looking birds on it

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