I\’m Batman!

Which One a You Fuckers is Judas?We sure do like to talk religion here at WNBTv. Indeed some of the many many insane clown posses even meet with our approval.

Well, you can add another buncha nutcases holy order to that extremely short list: Batmanism!

Batmanism is the latest religion to sweep the globe, with thousands joining up online to extol the virtues of the hero of Gotham city.

Now Batmanism’s only British disciple, Paul Bennett, from Solihull, West Midlands, has vowed to covert more people in the UK to the new religion.

He has even been out on the streets of Birmingham along with Christian preachers and Muslim clerics to show the masses the true path to enlightenment.

Mr Bennett, 38, regularly dons his mask and clerical collar, then hits the streets to spread the gospel according to Bruce Wayne.

Followers must vow to fight corruption and defend the truth, spend hours training and patrolling the streets while undergoing gruelling rites of passage, which include a batmitzfa and ‘breaking of the back’ ceremony.

Our favorite bit:

Those who follow the hero’s teachings as laid out in scriptures, the DC Comic collection, can look forward to a blissful afterlife in Wayne Manor.

But any who reject the true path and succumb to the ways of arch-enemy The Joker are damned to spend eternity in the Arkham Asylum.

All of which sounds pretty groovy…until you see the video. 1

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  1. Also? pro Tip – skinny jeans should be worn, generally speaking, only by skinny people. Jes’ sayin’…

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