Hello, Kansas City. Nice to meet you.

We’re pleased to report that the Mainstreet Theater is about to join the Alamo Drafthouse family. Formerly operating under the AMC banner, it will be more than just a name change on the marquee as the grand theater — the fully renovated, spectacular centerpiece of Kansas City’s Power & Light Entertainment District — comes online as an official Drafthouse location in Kansas City, Missouri. For the time being, the Mainstreet will continue to operate business-as-usual on its own while signature Alamo touches are implemented — touches like our ad-free custom preshows, ironclad no-talking/no-texting policy, and the elimination of the traditional front row for a better viewing experience. And, as soon as it all comes together, you’ll be seeing the Alamo name up in lights at 1400 Main Street. We can’t wait to show you what that means.

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We’re now accepting applications for managers, kitchen staff, creative programmers, bartenders and waiters for the upcoming Kansas City theater. Employment applications can be downloaded at www.drafthouse.com/about/employment.

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    1. What’s a Higgs boson to people who can make whole news releases disappear? I emailed their PR person, a Brandy Fons, several questions after I posted the item and immediately she replied the presser disappeared…

      Fortunately pour moi, I saved the entire site before I left it, so don’t go pulling any Texas tricks on us, y’all hear, Drafthouse?

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