Half Cocked

The hardcore geeks 1 in the office have been beside themselves since the Times again outed yet another White House Death Squad, this one electronic: upon entering office Obama ordered the development of the Stuxnet computer worm. 2

This is the second article this week where the Times has sidled along the knife’s edge as it limned Obama as a daring foreign policy savant; the strike against Iran’s (presumptive) nuclear weapons plant might well have been one of those transformational coups you never heard about….until the memoirs are published 20 years later.

Okay okay, we get it: Obama’s as big a bad-ass as any Republican, certainly more so than Banana Republic Romney, who believes a Boston Southie exotic.

The problem in both instances, however, is the law of unintended consequences: Stuxnet did get loose and the whole Death By Drone campaign run out of the Oval Office reeks of End of Roman Empire Excess. It is as easy to condemn Obama as it is to praise him. 3

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 3 footnotes

  1. For whom IT is not only their sole work description, it’s their life description.
  2. The consensus? Stuxnet was a ballsy, stupid move that will eventually haunt us in the coming darkness. Didn’t the Obama team know the collective would turn the code, as soon as it was loosed in the world, to its own purposes? What — these people doen’t live in the real world? Who was advising him, the 3 Stooges? And…not for nuthin’? Stuxnet is but one example of why I don’t keep anything important on the ‘net; it’s a simple matter of time before the ‘net disappears. Oh, it will be back; but it won’t be “the ‘net”, it won’t be friendly and it won’t be reliable.
  3. The vid is competent as far as it goes (and wonderfully animated.) However…”Stuxnet was a weapon, the first to be made entirely out of code”? It is to giggle. No, not giggle: I actually snorted mescal through my nose I was laughing so hard.

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