Don\’t Drone Me, Bro!

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We recently mentioned President Obama’s Kill List

And of course, our fondness for Obama’s Drones Over America program is widely known. So when we ran across Ian Paul’s Do Not Kill Registry we dropped him a quick email to congratulate him on the concept and asked (as if there was a doubt) as to his inspiration:


I’m glad you enjoyed the project! I decided to set up the Do Not Kill Registry to highlight what I feel is an ongoing egregious violation of human dignity and rights. The unchecked use of military drones for extralegal killings by both political parties in the United States is illustrative of the ethical bankruptcy of U.S. foreign policy, where people around the world are deprived of their worth and come to be considered as ‘disposable’, or worse, ‘killable’. This approach is at work in the U.S.’s drone strike program and also in places like Guantanamo Bay, where the extralegal indefinite detention of international suspects continues.

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A man after our own heart.

Much more of -i’s art can be found here.

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