Chicago, Chicago, that murderin\ town…

You'll notice KC would be a blip by these lights...
And Kansas City is…where?

The graphic is from a NYT article today exploring why – when national murder statistics are dropping (or at worse remain constant) – Chicago’s has climbed by 38% this year so far.

While it is an interesting piece, well researched and written, it tells us nothing new – the people killing each other all appear to be of an explicit socio-economic class (poverty stricken). However, one throw-away line stands out:

As in most of the nation’s big cities, killings have dropped precipitously in Chicago since the 1990s, as the police tried new approaches and crack cocaine faded. In the early 1990s, more than 900 people were killed annually here, a number that has long since shrunk and hovered around the 400s.

Homicides are down so far this year in New York and in Los Angeles, a fact that Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s administration in New York has pointed to in defense of that city’s controversial stop-and-frisk program. But Chicago is not alone among major cities dealing with more killings. In Philadelphia, for instance, 173 homicides were reported as of June 20, compared with 143 in the same period last year.

Experts on crime say it is too early to know how much to make of the rise in killings here, particularly since a significant number took place in the first three months of the year  – an oddly warm stretch for a city accustomed to winter hibernation and an accompanying chill in crime.”

Locally much has been made of Kansas City’s murder rate this year, surpassing, as it did, the average for the past few years in those same unseasonable warm months.

It is worth noting The Pitch, the OG killa city enabler, today posted a piece at the Plog recording an unexplained death of a woman on Cliff Drive. Counting Ms. Chinn, that puts Kansas City’s homicide total at 48, the exact same count as last year at this time.

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