You say Pineapple, I say PWNED

We just got back from The Roasterie (damn those cups!) where we were witness –yet again– to the cult of willful stupidity.

Folks, you have two choices:

1. Do no monetary business on your laptop


2. Stay out of cafes and other wifi hotspot

It’s that simple. There’s no grey area involved, no maybes, ifs, ands or buts. The choice is classic Boolean: either or, not and.


Well read ’em and weep, ye old believers in the milk of human kindness:

The WiFi Pineapple is a hot-spot honey-pot.

Most wireless devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones have network software that automatically connects to access points they remember. …Simply put, when your computer turns on, the wireless radio sends out probe requests. These requests say “Is such-and-such wireless network around?”

The WiFi Pineapple Mark IV, powered by Jasager — German for “The Yes Man” — replies to these requests to say “Sure, I’m such-and-such wireless access point — let’s get you online!”

And with the newly improved Pineapple Mark IV web interface, gathering interesting packets, spoofing DNS, watching web traffic and more is just a click away.

For just $90. Watch the vid, it’s entertaining as hell.

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