Seriously: shut the fuck up!

Well well well.

It appears I’ll soon get my wish.

Though the tantalizing little teaser on Craig’s List doesn’t mention which area of Kansas City Alamo Cinema might be considering locating to, here are a few suggestions:

  • East Side: they’ve been dying for a quality, manners-base cinema there forever
  • The Plaza: yet another reason for truants to go wilding
  • KCP&L: Drafthouse Cinema would more than make up that $12 million per annum shortfall, n’est-ce pas? 1
  • Sugar Creek: ’nuff said
  • Independence: …naw, nothing will calm down or embarrass a meth head

I kid…but then again, not.

I have no problem envisioning fights, small melees or even shootings breaking out in the venue the first time someone is ‘disrespected’ 2, followed shortly thereafter by the Star’s pantywaist tsk-tsking, boycotts and lawsuits.

This is Kansas City after all.

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. No, not really – but the city sure wishes it could.
  2. Especially at KCP&L – the place turned into a thug’s paradise shortly after it opened.

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