2012 Philip K. Dick Festival

Mmmmm...spray some more!We recently mentioned that PKD was one of our cradle authors. As such we would normally poor-mouth a bit and beg the organizers to fund our trip (and stay) to The City in return for a few thousand kind words. 1

However the festivals organizers are looking for some assitance themselves, 2 which would be a cool thing to do, assuming you can’t make the festival itself.

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. And, really, should anyone care to make this lifelong dream come true, please don’t hesitate to DM us at WillWhoreForToyz AT willnotbetelevised DOT com. You don’t have to be associated with the festival; we’d willingly accept cash donations from Warren Buffet or the asshole legendary Koch brothers, all of who have far too much idle money laying around as it is.
  2. WTF? They haven’t heard of KickStarter?

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