Kill List

Well, fuck me.

I have in the past argued for surgical strikes against those who have harmed our nation, just as I have contended that the judicious placement of a DELTA/SEAL team would far more efficiently 1 solve tactical situations than outfitting, moving and maintaining 100,000 troops over long periods of time.

I still believe that. 2

However Monday’s NYT‘s article makes clear the Obama administration has long since moved on from a ‘respond and engage’ strategy to running an out and out Death Squad from the White House, whose targets collectively comprise an official ‘kill list.’

My first though upon reading the article was the nation’s outrage upon learning of Nixon’s famous Enemies List. And it certainly didn’t take any imagination to see how this would have played under Shrub’s leadership. Fuck – a ‘nomination’ process? The press would have had an absolute field day, cartoonists would have ripped drawings off their easels of The Dark Lord crouched over a ‘suspected terrorists’ list, little Bush Jr sitting behind him mumbling “Uncle Dick, are you sure it’s okay to just kill people we don’t like?”

The Internet would have shit a brick. It would have been such an outrage The Dark Lord might have been sacrificed to make the scandal go away 3 and whoever had broke the story would have garnered a Pulitzer.

And The Times ran this article as a moral courage piece.

WNBTv - Good TV!

To say this makes me uneasy is to say the Kansas City School Board has a small image issue.

The probable impacts of this de facto “policy” won’t be discovered right away. On the other hand should Romney take the White House we may well see an expansion and redirection of the drone program sooner than we expect.

And of course drone use not only has been been approved over the United States, and Uncle Sam ain’t shy about using them, but the majority of morons people in this country actually approve of said behaviour.

Tell me how this doesn’t turn out bad for all of us? 4

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. And cheaper; how long before we pay off that trillion dollars Bush the Lesser spent (off the books) proving he had a penis – forever?
  2. Short of actual invasion of the United States we’ve no overwhelming interest anywhere in the world that needs that kind of manpower. Well…outside of Suaid Arabia, that is, but we’ll never cut our own oil throats.
  3. Though I doubt it; this is a man who simply shrugged off shotgunning a man in the face.
  4. And don’t say “Because we would never stalk and kill our own citizens.”

4 thoughts on “Kill List”

  1. I can’t say I am not enjoying this in another countless I told you so moments. I should add an oracle to the list of things I do well. Oh, and he is helping to kill/stall Dodd-Frank as pointed out in today’s Matt Taibbi article.

    Now on to predicting lottery numbers.

    1. this is pissing me off because as i wrote a little while back the bare minimum one can do now to be effective as a citizen is publicly protest; we’re so far down the road toward corporate fascism that voting has become next to meaningless. it’s damned frustrating…

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