Really: what\’s up with all the hatred toward women?

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So when Nora passed on this piece of fluff the other day I initially dismissed it as another ‘dog nibbles man in fluffy restraints’ story. I mean, who cares if “tongues are wagging” in Parkville? 1

Then this morning I finished a piece in the latest issue of Foreign Policy and reconsidered my initial stance; while most Americans would not deem the plight of U.S. women 2 near as onerous as that of women in the Arab world, just as many Americans would claim the latest assaults on a woman’s right to control her own body, left unchecked, may be but the first step down a precipitous slope leading to an unimaginable hell.

It’s easy to say “but that would never happen here.” 3

But the truth is you didn’t know it was happening there.

Nor do you, now that you know, give an actual rat’s ass. Correct? Because, let’s get real – there’s no need to worry, SCOTUS would never allow that to occur in these here good ol’ United States! 4

I tell you what…Janet Byers? You go right on ignoring Mayor Jim Brooks and all those wagging tongues. Tell everyone who who doesn’t like what you’re doing to take their wife and move to Egypt. 5

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Show 5 footnotes

  1. Parkvillians apparently.
  2. Indeed one might well receive serious push-back over the term ‘plight’.
  3. For that matter, in the middle of the coked out 80s, what was Atwood thinking with The Handmaid’s Tale? Like that’d ever happen…
  4. Maniacal laughter; maniacal laughter.
  5. Algor mortis begins immediately the heart ceases to beat, with the body temp falling about 1.5 degrees F until it reaches the temp of its surroundings; should the proposed ‘farewell sex’ law pass in Egypt, say by July, the average day time temperature in Cairo will be 96 degrees F, with overnight averages of 70 degrees F. Again, immediately the heart ceases pumping, blood seeks out and pools at the lowest level of the body, which causes the corpse to stiffen; this sets in anywhere from 2 to 6 hours after death. We find these facts to be merely coincidental to the allotted 6 hours ‘farewell’ time in the proposed law; your definition of necrophilia may vary.

2 thoughts on “Really: what\’s up with all the hatred toward women?”

  1. “……Algor mortis begins immediately (after) the heart ceases to beat……”

    And this phenom is precipitated the instant he starts to speak truths, inconvenient or otherwise.

    Once heard on the Internet:

    Librul Yankee said: “Necrophilic cunnilingus is probably like licking a two year old piece of beef jerky.”
    Myanmar Maid replied: “You can dispense with the word ‘probably’ in that declarative Librul Yankee, you’re fooling no one.”

    And what was my reward for such wit? I was banned.

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