Very often we find the  actions of our Government appalling. 1 Just as often we find them to be amusing. Take for example this light-hearted piece on zombies published by the CDC last year.

Comes now Adam Chodorow, he of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Tempe, Arizona, with the startling news that brain dead Congress (and the IRS) are once again woefully remiss in their duties:

The U.S. stands on the precipice of a financial disaster, and Congress has done nothing but bicker. Of course, I refer to the coming day when the undead walk the earth, feasting on the living. A zombie apocalypse will create an urgent need for significant government revenues to protect the living, while at the same time rendering a large portion of the taxpaying public dead or undead. The government’s failure to anticipate or plan for this eventuality could cripple its ability to respond effectively, putting us all at risk… This article fills a glaring gap in the academic literature by examining how the estate and income tax laws apply to the undead.

Chodorow’s abstract and full paper, Death and Taxes and Zombies (April 23, 2012). Iowa Law Review (Forthcoming), may be found here. We highly recommend it – funniest thing we’ve read today.

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  1. So much so we revert to Third Person in order to emotionally deal with it.

2 thoughts on “1040EZombie”

  1. The government’s failure to anticipate or plan for this eventuality…

    Are you kidding me?! The Government is totally anticipating and planning for this eventuality. They’re RESPONSIBLE for this eventuality! What? You think there’s some kind of great financial plan for getting out of the mountainous debt we’re in? Doh! The plan is to just default on the debt, then release the zombie virus and turn everybody the rest of the humans into walking dead so they don’t care.

    1. chill, dood. it’s not like I wrote the paper; had that been the case there would have been a special section on ‘reality show zombies’ instead of Mr. Chodorow’s insert on ‘Vampires and Ghosts’. Write the lad directly; perhaps in a later revision he will include your paranoia thesis. young Adam may be reached here: adam.chodorow@asu.edu

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