Thus warmed Zarathustra

NOT a burning bushAsh and bone fragment remnants found inside South Africa’s Wonderwerk Cave suggests Homo erectus  cooked with fire over a million years ago.

“The ability to use fire is regarded as a key step in human development because it gave us access to cooked foods and new technologies.Stone tools found at Wonderwerk Cave indicate the ancestor in question may have been Homo erectus, a species whose existence has been documented as far back as 1.8 million years ago.”

The discovery may support Richard Wrangham’s “cooking hypothesis” viz the invention of cooking split the ancestors of humans from those of modern gorillas and chimpanzees.” 1 2

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  1. As well as, we might mention, those primates that put their faith in burning bushes.
  2. Sorry…bush; there has only been one (unverified) instance re a burning bush and absolutely no data on how well it worked for cooking.

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