Social Security

As Signed By FDRThe Grand Ol’ Party has always hated Social Security.

Every time they get into office they try to kill it. Or rob it blind. EVERY   STINKING   TIME. 1

Believe it or not this is because they feel you deserve nothing more than to work your ass off, at a minimal salary for 40 or 50 years, then should die expeditiously. None of this lingering around and using up cash they feel belongs to them, regardless of the fact it’s actually your money; you are, after all, overpaid and under-worked and the government has plans for that money.

This has always been so and will always be so; you’ll see yet another instance of it should Socks actually get into the White House next January. Once again, the plan will be to save Social Security

Because it only has $2,700,000,000,000 in assets. 2 That’s right, Social Security is only fully funded through the year 2033. 3

Why…that’s barely any money at all!

But sure as Thor made little silver hammers some leading politician is going to explain to us soon that those numbers are misleading and what we really need to do is turn the whole kit and caboodle over to Wall Street.

Where their close personal friends will keep an eye on it for us. 4

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  1. Shrub’s attempt to ‘privitize’ SSI falls right in line with that sacred tradition.
  2. That’s right, folks — I DID say $2.7 trillion dollars.
  3. Not only that but the majority of those hoggish Baby Boomers will have passed their expiry date, to be followed by a much less populous Gen X.
  4. And what could possibly go wrong there?

4 thoughts on “Social Security”

  1. If it’s my money, they should just let me keep it in the first place instead of taking it out of my salary every month?

    Oh yeah, it’s because the GOP and the DEM have the same goal.

    This country will be a lot better off when all the Baby Boomers are gone (sorry mom and dad, but it’s true).

    1. “because the GOP and the DEM have the same goal. ”

      wow. i had thought you more historically astute. be that as it may, as well as placing aside any animus you yet hold towards your long suffering parents, SSI came into being exactly because so few people were able to ‘keep’ and tend to their own money — the free enterprise system as practiced in this country has never lent itself toward that goal.

      things are little better today as testified to just yesterday by Kansas City’s Perpetual Bachelor Curmudgeon.

    1. That’s nearly correct; certain people in the government want to take and keep your money until such time as other people are deemed needy and are given (at least portions of) it. In all likelihood, probably those parents you were poor-mouthing earlier.

      In turn, those in the workforce younger than you do exactly the same, thereby guaranteeing that funds will be available to you in your dotage, which I’m sure you will but grudgingly accept.

      If it makes you feel better, be assured that you would have fit in with the 27% of the country who thought FDR’s proposal ill advised.

      My understanding is nearly all 27% drove Edsels as well…

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