Ricky Wipes Himself Up and Goes Home

We expect everyone and their frickin’ dog will have a ‘learned opinion’ concerning the death of Santorum’s campaign over the next 24 hours. In fact we expect the media to be full of shit almost nothing else all day. So before the pile becomes too large, let us add our tiny contribution and step away.

Regardless of what ‘analysis’ you are bombarded with today, the truth is much simpler: Santorum was always going to lose to Romney.

He started out as a ridiculous, socially backasswards geek who had little or no shot at the nomination and finished in exactly the same spot.

Same goes for Gingrich and the rest of the GOP clown car.

There is no surprise here, nothing to be learned – it was just the GOP’s version of kaubki.

Santorum lost to the once and future  nominee, who everyone believed was going to win. It was Romney’s turn after all – the Mormon robot boy paid his dues back in ’08 and so here he is: tanned, rested and ready to give Obama a run for his money.

That freakin’ simple.

Which should clue you in as to whom the Republican nominee will be either in 2016 or 2020.

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3 thoughts on “Ricky Wipes Himself Up and Goes Home”

  1. “…..a ridiculous, socially backasswards geek……”

    My English tutor is a geek.
    I am a geek.
    Mr. Santorum, sir, is not a geek and I take offense that you would describe him as such. No true geek would allow herself, or himself, to be invested as a Knight or Dame of Magistral Grace of the Knights of Malta.
    In the defense of Mr. Santorum, only a person with some degree of insipient religio-geek-osity would hazard to cause crotch-fruit to be born by a 48 year old woman and not expect some form of autosomal trisomy to be the resultant manifest destiny.

    1. Be not offended – I used the term ‘geek’ in its (relatively) original meaning, e.g., that of a middle-European gecken, a side show ‘freak’ in circuses who, in some cases, would also bite the head off a live chicken. An act of which I can easily imagine Mr. Santorum capable, especially were it to feather his way into the White House.

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