¡Qué vergajo!

Slightly SmudgedWe still think of ourselves as brothers in arms.

Since its inception nearly a hundred and fifty years ago the Secret Service has been a Department of Justice staple. The fact that Bush the Lesser grabbed them for his new bastard organization back in ’06 hardly matters: many of us still think of them as Justice. 1

Similar experiences breed similar attitudes and so there is the desire to cut the idiotic dozen Secret Service personnel some slack. 2

That said, however…

Everyone down there, both technicians and special agents, and most certainly the two supervisors, pull in at a minimum 60K a year. Not to mention the LEAP differential. Not to mention the TDY pay (food and lodging.)

So what everyone in the office is wondering is…28 fucking dollars?! 3

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  1. We’ll leave what we think about DHS for another day.
  2. As for the military folks involved…what? Someone’s surprised that servicemen visit prostitutes? …we’re shocked, shocked to learn gambling has been going on at this establishment!
  3. Not for nuthin’? Here are several things you can get for $28 down in Cartagena: AIDS, a decent hotel room at the Casa Viena, an excellent meal, even a small – though surprisingly beautiful – emerald. Here’s what you can’t buy for $28: an $800 escort.

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  1. “…….Here’s what you can’t buy for $28: an $800 escort……”

    Having lived in Colombia for 10 years, formative ones at that, I can assure you that you most certainly can purchase $800 escorts for $28.
    It’s known as the ‘Gringo Discount’. The locals pay $16.
    The Japanese and some South Koreans are the only folks who’ll pay $800.

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