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76 of them threatened me with their fists...like this, see? The last one was weari'n a hoodie...OSLO – Anders Behring Breivik, on trial for the slaughter of 77 people last year in Norway, explained Tuesday he would do it again if he could.

“Yes, I would have done it again,” Breivik told the court on the second day of the trial. “Those people in their hoodies, they were threatening me, threatening Norway.”

Legal experts are divided on how to refer to Breivik’s strategy.

“It has elements of ‘The Zimmerman Defense’ to it,” said one court watcher, ” but also refers back to the original ‘Dark Lord’s Folly’ defense. It’s too early to tell whether this is Breivik’s genius or doom.”

The ‘Dark Lord’s Folly’ is the infamous and specious case made by then American President George Bush as a cover for his invasion of Iraq, e.g. that the country might become a threat to U.S. national interests. It has since been universally discredited, except in the U.S. where a modified version, known as “Obama’s A Nigger’, has recently been used by that country’s Republican political party in a bid to unseat the current popular president.

“The danger in the ‘Nigger’ ploy is that so much of it is communicated non-verbally, or through the use of code words, that even the Republican base gets confused. Hell, I get confused on what we’re supposed to say or not say any more,” commented American Senator and one-time Presidential candidate John McCain. “It’s confusing, did I mention that?”

One legal scholar, the Swedish gnome known only as Cerberus, likens Breivik’s strategy to the controversial ‘The Jewish Question’ defense once employed by Germany.

“Breivik killed most of the “victims” on Utoeya island, shooting at hundreds of people attending a ruling Labour Party youth summer camp,” a spokesman for Cerberus said. “Breivik did so because he believed the Labour Party’s youth wing (AUF) comparable to the Hitler Youth. So, you could almost say now, in court, Brevik is using a ‘Reverse Jewish Question’ defense.”

Surprisingly, given the spophisticated defense Beivik has mounted, the court’s main concern seems to be the defendant’s mental state.

The trial itself is expected to last 10 weeks.

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