One traumatic experienced often overlooked — overlooked because it appeared in Stephen Hayes’s stenographic biography of Dick Cheney — was that the Vice-President’s daughter was (falsely, it turns out) told that her house with her children in it had tested positive for anthrax. Similarly, Cheney and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice were told that they and others had been exposed to an extremely lethal toxin in a particular area of the White House — and might soon die as a result. “The alarms did not stop and they too were not abstract … The pressure on Bush and his senior advisers was so direct because so much of the response had to be invented and improvised,” the (upcoming) article reads.

Seriously? The Secret Service honestly thought they’d been breached? How? And what poor schmuck was spot-fired before calmer heads prevailed, everyone took a deep breath and said, “Hey, guys – it’s just the one sensor; how ’bout we try a couple of others to validate the findings before we scare the crap out of everyone?” 1


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  1. Except Cheney; I’d be okay with them scaring the crap outta Cheney. Or his heart; had they scared the heart right outta Cheney, I don’t believe there’s any way Bush stands before the relentless criticism of his piss poor actions. Indeed, actual advisers, who actually thought for a living, might have convinced Bush to forgo the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq that killed hundreds of thousands and trashed both our countries. Huh – if wishes were horses…

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