Not your daddy\’s choo-choo

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  1. We find it fascinating that the rest of the world can do mass transit, and do it well, while the U.S. can barely get out of its own way. That’s right; lookin’ at you, Amtrak.
  2. And if a private North American concern were to compete with Amtrak (not that they could) who might that be — Lexus? So we’d have a train smeared with gold and silver bling bling, over sized rims and ticket prices would be held just under $1000, one-way, right?

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  1. We had a twitter conversation the other day about this, with the result being we should just do a Kickstarter project to set up a railroad from Houston to Chicago (via Dallas, OKC, KC and maybe somewhere in Iowa).

    1. groovy idea

      think you’ll need more funding than normally available from the kickstarter crowd though. and, come to think of it, U.S. car manufaturers may not be the best underwriters…

      have you thought about trying to get the funds from mircobreweries?

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