AOL said that as part of the deal, it was selling “stock of an AOL subsidiary” at a loss in order to reduce its tax bill. AOL didn’t reveal the name of the subsidiary, but sources have confirmed that it is in fact Netscape.Microsoft will acquire all the patents surrounding the Netscape browser, while AOL will still own the actual brand. That extends to the Netscape business, which was once an ISP, as well as the URL for the brand.

I can’t think of anything more incestuous than the Internetz right now; there are several ongoing patent disputes that just got discombobulated with this purchase, a few of which might not even make sense any more.

On another note, for those of you too young to know, Netscape was the IE of its day.

True…there was just Netscape, AOL and a buncha rocks back then. But some of us…sniff…cared.

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  1. “…..for those of you too young to know….”

    Jaysus!, how old are you Nick?
    Are you, like, ya know, a Baby Boomer like my English Tutor?
    He remembers when Kennedy was shot for christ’s sake!
    Whereas my ealiest memories involve the Spice Girls.

    1. “…..I’ve discovered most North Americans are incapable of remembering much past the turn of the century……”

      You and me both, Nick. Fecking dullards, the lot of them! I normally interact with the horrid Brits ’cause they have a more cosmopolitan education or, alternatively, Academic North Americans ‘of a certain age’.

  2. Good old Netscape Gold! And it wouldn’t even run on Windows 3.1 unless extra software was installed. Lan Workplace, was it?

    Anyway that’s only a few years ago. Anyone remember crystal radios?

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