Horsing Around

That's racist!
It’s a shame that you can still find this kind of discrimination in America.

In yet further evidence that the apocalypse is already here (it’s just rather unevenly distributed at the moment, thank you) comes a series of photos of…well, we’re not truly sure.

We think this might qualify as cosplay. But we don’t understand the impetus behind cosplay 1 and so can’t be sure.

On the other hand it could simply be a Daliesque, post-post modern ironic statement concerning the early work of auteur Francis Ford Coppola.

However we suspect a deeply buried, tangential connection to outright bestiality, the increase of which in adult films almost beggars belief. 2

In the interests of expanding our meager knowledge of such things, should you care to share a horse-head related image with us 3, please attach them to an e-mail and send them to:

someone AT WillNotBeTelevised DOT com

We thank you in advance.

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. Unless it’s an inarticulate, desperate attempt at reality-denying wish fulfillment, in which case we understand it perfectly. However why don’t today’s kids find solace in a good single malt and half a blunt? Why do they have to be a horse? Also…get off my lawn!
  2. So we’ve read…
  3. Either including bestiality or not, totally up to you; no one’s judging, we promise…okay, okay, we may remark on skin tone and/or blemishes, but that’s just our fetish.

5 Replies to “Horsing Around”

  1. one one of the old episodes of Real Sex show on HBO, they had a whole episode about people acting as horses. They didn’t even have horses, just tackle. These people vote. That’s why I don’t.

    1. not surprised.

      i’m beginning to believe there are people whose sex lives revolve around flopping about naked –or perhaps pierced in an interesting place — on the floor pretending to be flounders…

      is Real Sex still produced?

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