You say tomatoIf approved, two new types of genetically engineered corn and soy crops will threaten some of America’s favorite farm foods, including tomatoes, peas, cucumbers…

The new GMO crops are awaiting approval and designed to withstand heavy sprayings of the highly volatile pesticides dicamba and 2,4-D, a component of the Agent Orange war chemical. These pesticides are known for their ability to turn into chemical vapor and travel significant distances, harming neighboring farm and garden crops. 2,4-D is a hormone disrupting chemical and has been linked to birth defects, cell damage, and lymphoma.

Of major concern? Drift of dicamba and 2,4-D pesticide vapors can travel a half-mile away from the application point.

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  1. “…..pesticide vapors can travel a half-mile away from the application point……”

    If half a mile away is another’s property will they then be invoiced for the pest control? When I complain to my English tutor about the effect his second-hand cigarette smoke is having on my delicate constitution he tells me, “Hey! I’m not charging you for it! Quit bitchin’.”

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