Fan Mail From Some Flounder

Just Another BrandAnnoying E-mail Bastard writes:

This 2pac thing? At Coachella? Doesn’t it worry you, corporations taking advantage of dead people?

Dear Annoying E-mail Bastard

Take a look at the kicks on your feet, the labels on your staggeringly overpriced jeans and shirt, or the ‘subtle’ designer name of those faux-retro, European, square tinted eyeglasses you wear, not to mention whatever flashy timepiece dangles ostentatiously from your wrist. All of which you willingly overpaid corporations to don.

Why the fuck would you care about branding at this late date? I guarantee you 2pac doesn’t care.

As to looking out for an artist’s legacy, fuck that shit.

I’ve no more use for thug rap now than when the artist was alive; let Jive Ass Records make a zillion bucks off those too stupid to understand they’re worshipping death. No skin off my ass.

Best Regards,

p.s. – Don’t write me again. Moron.

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

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