Eff\ A & F!

The ChapComes now from The Chap 1 news of a subtle revolt, so subtle it took a week to make an impression on us:

On the morning of St George’s Day, April 23rd, swathes of immaculately dressed chaps and chapettes gathered outside No. 3 Savile Row to demonstrate peacefully – but firmly – against Abercrombie & Fitch’s proposed plans to open a children’s store there.

The protest began in earnest at 10:15am, when chumrades in arms marched around the corner to Abercrombie’s flagship store on Burlington Gardens, stabbing the air defiantly with home-made banners declaring “Give Three-Piece a Chance”. On the very steps of enemy HQ, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer led the troops in song, chanting “All we are saying is, give three-piece a chance” adapted from John Lennon’s original.

Hear hear! Scantily clad teens have no business adorning themselves 2 on Savile Row. Pip pip!
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  1. The type of magazine where –if we weren’t assured that he’s still starving for his art, and taking moonlit strolls with his beagle along the rat infested streets of New York — Chris Packham would fit right in.
  2. Or, you know…not.

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