Bishop Finn

Jackson County Circuit Judge John Torrence stepped up big yesterday when he refused to drop charges against the ‘most rev.’ Robert W. Finn, coward and child abuse enabler ‘bishop’ of the catholic ‘diocese’ of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker was quoted afterward as saying, “Our office will continue to prepare diligently for trial in this case.” And probably added,  out of camera/recorder range, a bunch of other stuff regarding Finn’s parentage and suspect intelligence.

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WNBTv would like to publicly thank erstwhile professional journalist (and lapsed-but-none-too-damned-comfortable-about-it-catholic) Jimmy C for stoking a fire under the Star’s shabby skirts, which in turn caused that languishing lady to turn her cracked, seldom lit beacon on the nasty scurryings within Finn’s house. It is our considered opinion that without Jimmy C’s tireless outrage (and one or two of his influential friends still at the Star) Finn would be preparing normally for his ‘faith’s’ season opener, his guilt casually stuffed into a pocket with (one presumes) his rosary.

For make no mistake, Finn knows he is guilty in affaire d’Ratigan.

Else he would stand proudly before man and his ‘god’ and loudly declaim his innocence. Instead the ‘church’ has hired high priced legal talent to nibble around the edges of the prosecutor’s case, praying for a miracle or, more likely, a fellow traveler in the judge or jury.

It has been an embarrassing disgrace to watch.

Our personal opinion is Finn should be jailed under the Felony Stupid statute. His cry of not being the ‘designated reporter’ is as insipid as G. W. Bush’s ‘I’m the Decider’ pronouncement; risible protestations both.

It is the last ditch plea of a small child.

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There is still danger ahead.

If all the world were but a day old, 5 seconds ago the ‘church’ was still busy torturing, maiming and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocents who had the gall to think for themselves. While a militant Opus Die may not exist, millions of the religion’s  adherents do, at all levels of society, in sufficient numbers to quietly quash thousands of investigations and court cases over the years.

We suspect Prosecutor Baker is aware she is not just facing the locally powerful CEO of a hugely popular franchise, but -though at a remove- the arcanely powerful corporation itself; that wizened elf in Rome may not directly follow the news of the colonies, but be assured at least one of his men do.

We believe Prosecutor Baker knows this and has prepared accordingly. We also believe she will persevere and win a rare conviction and we wish her the best in these endeavors.

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Finally, we look broader still: Rick Santorum, a dyed-in-the-wool ultra-conservative catholic, has staunchly defend the ‘church’ over the years and desires, if that verb may be applied, nothing more than a return to the era before John the 23rd and the Reforms. 1 As a group these folks would have quietly transferred Ratigan to Ireland and gone about their business.

Despite your cynicism, it does matter whether you vote or not. Please remember that come this November.

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  1. Yes, you are correct – they WERE a famous do-wop group!

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  1. I’m still pissed with the Micks for giving up on the Crusades. Bastards! They won the first one and then prompty lost the following seven – losers and quitters! Think how peaceful the Middle East would be right now if the Papists had regained suzerainty over Jerusalem after Salah ad-Din politely asked them to leave.
    No Jews!
    No Muslims!
    No Armenians!
    No Copts!
    No Eastern Orthodoxians!

    Eternal Peace in the Umbilicus Mundi!

    On a side note, I am in awe with the way you toss your word salads. I am relatively new to English and I do hope to one day master it well enough to compete at your level.

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