We Ain\’t Givin\ Up Our Scanners

No one will ever see this, MissI was supposed to testify today about the TSA in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. I was informally invited a couple of weeks ago, and formally invited last Tuesday.

On Friday, at the request of the TSA, I was removed from the witness list. The excuse was that I am involved in a lawsuit against the TSA, trying to get them to suspend their full-body scanner program. But it’s pretty clear that the TSA is afraid of public testimony on the topic, and especially of being challenged in front of Congress. They want to control the story, and it’s easier for them to do that if I’m not sitting next to them pointing out all the holes in their position. Unfortunately, the committee went along with them.


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4 Replies to “We Ain\’t Givin\ Up Our Scanners”

  1. “…….I am involved in a lawsuit against the TSA, trying to get them to suspend their full-body scanner program……”

    Is it a Class Action lawsuit?
    If so, I’ll join!
    I’m tired of the snickers and eye-rolls I get from security when that infernal machine reveals my in-operation OhMiBod .
    And then the quizzical looks I get when they discover the connected iPod is playing a loop of Death Polka tunes from Romanian Top 40.

    1. Set in its original a cappella form, using only stomping and clapping as the rhythmic beat, Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’, is, well, rapturious. Even the guitar solo at the end is good for that all so important post-plateau wistfully shuddering wallow.
      Jaysus! I should be writing Chick Porn

  2. I’m speechless! You have no pbeolrm with a stranger putting her hands inside a child’s pants, feeling her bottom, and putting her hands between her legs because she explained it? So if a molester explains gently what he’s doing to a child his behavior is okay? Can any sane person believe this little girl was a threat? It’s about control and seeing how far American citizens will allow a tyrannical government to go. I would walk out of the airport before I would allow this abuse of one of my grandchildren.We now have six year olds being groped because Muslim men blow up planes. And we have American sheep going along with it. I may never fly again.

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