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Colrado BasketballWhat a difference a year makes.

I’m not saying this is a sure thing. Hell, I’m not saying it will even be possible, given how the back room wizards at the NCAA schedule things. What I’m saying is I’d sure like to see CU matched up against KU 1 in either of the first 2 rounds.

Nope – not crazy: KU’s just not that good this year. They certainly won’t get to the Final Four. 2 3 4 5

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. A friend suggested an (emotionally) better match-up would be CU-KSU. Nah. In the first place, KSU is on the bubble again this year; after their woeful performance last year, I don’t think the committee gives them the nod. In the second and whatevah place…they’re freakin’ KSU for pity’s sake – who looks forward to that?
  2. Not saying CU will either. Hell, they haven’t been to the Big Dance in so long they probably won’t know how to behave. Unless the opponent is KU. Jes’ saying…
  3. Weird, K-State got an invite; the NCAA must be desperate for ‘name’ schools. I expect they’ll stink up the place again. And of course no such luck for a CU-KU match-up. Instead we get UNLV and KU gets…really, no one much until the 3rd round. Ah well…
  4. Harvard plays basketball? That sorta narrows President Obama’s rooting choices, doesn’t it?
  5. Iona? What the hell is an Iona?

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