Hi! I was in the neigborhood and thought I\’d stalk you

“Boy, you sure have a lot of apps on your phone.”

“Well, it’s my job.”

“What’s your favorite?”

It was the flush end of a pleasurably hot day — 85 degrees in March — and we were all sipping bitter cocktails out in my friend’s backyard, which was both his smoking room, beer garden, viticetum, opossum parlor and barbecue pit. I was enjoying the warm dusk with a group of six of my best friends, all of whom seemed interested, except for my girlfriend… who immediately grimaced.

Girls Around Me? Again?” she scolded. “Don’t show them that.”

It’s an app that can be interpreted many ways. It is as innocent as it is insidious; it is just as likely to be reacted to with laughter as it is with tears; it is as much of a novelty as it has the potential to be used a tool for rapists and stalkers.

And more than anything, it’s a wake-up call about privacy. 1

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  1. Yes and no; privacy has always been under assualt, agreed. However, willing participation in the institutional rape of such is blind idiocy, combined – in this case – with a desperate vanity.

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    1. “I have not been able to post comments on Blogspot sites for two days now, is it me or is Blogger fucked?”

      unknown; i’m not a bloggerspot use. though surely it’s a matter of taste?

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