Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Asshole

We know, right? However, The Fat One has outdone himself this time. The back story –

Recently WNBTv covered the Uncommonweatlth of Virginia’s ballsy attempt to rape any and every woman in the state that sought an abortion.

In that post we noted that Virginia was not alone in its douchery, that the U.S. Congress itself had convened an all male panel of ‘experts’ at a recent congressional hearing on contraception in order to argue, in essence, that women should stay at home with their legs closed until a man told them otherwise. And it was at said panel a certain Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke, was supposed to testify on the costs of birth control. Uh…not so much… 1

The thrust of Ms. Fluke’s testimony concerned the cost of contraception when not covered by insurance – way high. She argued it makes good public policy sense for society to assist in covering those costs.

Whether you agree or not with her premise 2 is moot: as a U.S. citizen she is afforded the right to speak her mind. That, however, seemed beyond the pale for The Ambien King. He came out 3 swinging, denouncing Ms. Fluke as a slut and a whore, saying that “…she’s having so much sex she’s going broke buying contraceptives and wants us to buy them.”

This statement is a head-scratcher for most of us: The Pill comes in the now famous case, each tablet next to a number corresponding to a day of the month.This is what they look like, Rush A woman doesn’t have to, or probably even desire to have sex every day, but she sure as shit had better take her pill every day.

The only things we can think of is a.) Kathryn, being of above average intelligence, had herself ‘fixed’ before sleeping with The Obese One; b.) El Lardo came to believe all women were fixed after his famous Dominican “party” excursions; or c.)  -and this is WNBTv‘s choice – the fat fuck is just so stupid he believes everything he says.

Put another way, Oxycontin, Viagra and Ambien may all need to be administered by certain genetic throwbacks before they can get their freak on, but there is not, we repeat, NOT a causal relationship between The Pill and sex.

And that’s not all; as if stepping all over his obviously small 4 dick were not enough, Big Fat Liar ventures out into total fantasy land: Were society to partially underwrite contraceptives, El Tubbo believes he should be allowed to watch Ms. Fluke and her ‘ilk’ having sex:

How many million sad sacks listen to, no, believe every word that comes out of this jackass’s mouth? Far far too many we think.

For our tastes, the man can’t suddenly die of a massive myocardial infarction soon enough. He’s bad for our country. 5

In the meantime? Let his advertisers know what you think of his behavior…

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 5 footnotes

  1. Brrrrp! “Disallowed! Thanks for playing; Johnny, what lovely parting gifts do we have for the little lady…?” As it happens, Ms. Fluke gave her testimony at a later hearing chaired by Nancy Pelosi.
  2. WNBTv certainly does.
  3. If only…
  4. And need we mention probably non-working?
  5. Which is not to say we wished Breitbart dead; he was more of an intermittent pain in the ass, not anywhere near El Lardo’s level of vile.

9 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Asshole”

  1. What a sad, sad waste of space on this earth. Either he really wants an increase in ratings of his pathetic show or he truly is the biggest stupid POS on EARTH! I do not listen to this arrogant POS, but I will send a letter to the local radio station, stating I will forever boycott them until he is taken off their airwaves!!

    1. he’s willing to do/say anything for a buck. always been that way. he lived here for a while, failing at a few different things, until he caught on with the KC Royals as a pr flack. from there he went nationwide…

      we here are heartily sorry for our sins.

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