Road Trip!!!

Just got the final word; my trip to the Land Down Under received official blessing; not only that, but there are sufficient funds that I can actually go. 1

So the latter part of May will be spent drinking honing my professional skills with other drunks like minded individuals.

As a bonus I’ve snagged an invite to *one more thing.

Cheers, mates!

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. Don’t laugh. I have been approved for TDY in the past…but never received monies to actually do so. Uncle Sam – he’s a hoot.

2 Replies to “Road Trip!!!”

  1. Of course, after the manly men get finished shoving a mob(1) of wombat up your ass exclaim:
    “Crikey! Steve Irwin was a whinging POME(2) bastard too”

    They’ll switch to echidna after this

    (1) I’m unsure about the correct collective noun.
    (2) pronounced, ‘PAH-mee’.

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