On Sale at Best Buy for $569.00!

You can't afford to print this logo!Hewlett-Packard will announce a sweeping reorganization…that will move its Imaging and Printing Group, once the jewel in the IT giant’s crown, under its PC-making Personal Systems Group, sources familiar with the matter tell AllThingsD.

Under the plan, Vyomesh “VJ” Joshi, long the executive vice president in charge of IPG, will leave the company. The combined business unit will report to Executive Vice President Todd Bradley, sources said.

The way we interpret this means that HP will start selling laptops that cost $39.99.

Printer ink, however, will cost $799.00.

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One Reply to “On Sale at Best Buy for $569.00!”

  1. “……Printer ink, however, will cost $799.00……”

    Ain’t capitalism grand?
    Thing is, the Yankee Libruls will pay it!
    And willingly!
    With the zenith (called nadir everywhere else in the world) of Yankee wisdom, the Librul will assume the Law of Supply and Demand no longer applies. Printer ink will cease being considered a Normal Good where the price elasticity of demand is negative and it will miraculously transubstantiate into a Giffen Good where the price elasticity of demand is positive. The higher the price, the greater the demand!
    If during your research on Giffen Goods, you should learn there has never been an example of such, ignore it – it’s Republican propaganda!

    Recall that I consider anyone who would carry a US passport to be a Yankee and all 330 million +/- of youse to be Libruls as well.

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