More Chips?

Careful; plate is hot
Hot, Mild or Fire sauce?

We at WNBTv are rightfully skeptical of the e-vil misuse of technology by governmental ‘tards, corporations and other short-bus denizens.

But on occasion technology is applied in such delightfully reimagined fashions (casting new slants on old services, or better yet, creating new and much needed services) that all WNBTv can do is stand gape jawed and drool.

The Tacocopter is such a marvel. Imagine: tacos delivered to you anywhere by air! 1

Let’s say you’ve just hiked Nederland’s 4th of July Mine, reached the apex and decided that the 2 Colt 45 Malt Liquors 2 you packed up are insufficient to the day. So you pull out your smart-phone and order up a half dozen beef and cheese hard shell beauties, extra sauce. In no time at all the Tacocopter is winging those babies your way. Mm-mmm!

Sounds great, right?

Well, head on over to Star Simpson’s 3 latest brain-child. Sign-up and hope she gets enough KickStarter love to make The Dream a reality. 4

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Show 4 footnotes

  1. Had you at ‘taco’, didn’t I?
  2. Two are all you need; at 11,000 feet it’s all about the nitrogen, baby!
  3. Good call; yes, it appears to be the same Star Simpson of hooded sweatshirt (albeit star-shaped {duh} circuit board accessorized) fame; jeeze, what IS it with hoodies?
  4. Or, ya know, get with the clue and just buy a T-shirt; flying tacos ain’t happenin’ this half of the new century. However Star did get rick roll’d somethin’ fierce over that airport deal, she could probably use the cash. I’m jes’ sayin’.

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