Medusa\’s all over Microgravity

Albuquerque, NM – Medusa Space, a microgravity research and development company from Albuquerque, NM, has acquired a broad range of Intellectual Property from Microgravity Enterprises, Inc (MEI). Beginning in 2007, MEI commercially sold its consumer products produced on Earth but made from ingredients which had been flown in space. These included the world’s first space beer, Comet’s Tail Amber Ale (space flown yeast) 1, Antimatter Energy Drink (space flown B-vitamins) and Space2O enriched water (space flown electrolytes)…

Dan Hodges, CEO and President of Medusa Security Corporation, the parent company of Medusa Space, said “This IP broadens our grasp on the microgravity market to include everything from consumer beverages to high value special materials and unique proteins. We are looking forward to teaming with an even larger variety of industry partners now to bring the benefits of microgravity production to the marketplace.”

Contact: Rich Glover
P: 505-881-5074
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  1. Talk about your micro breweries; anyone tasted this?

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