If it bleeds it ledes…

Well, pup, the thing about a woman's menstrual cycle is...
Oh, they bleed!

All the cool kids are heading over to Gov Rick’s FB page.

Because, doancha know, ol’ Rickey’s an expert on women’s health.

So thousands of people, mainly women, are seeking his advice.

One comment: “I would like your opinion since I can’t make medical decisions myself being a woman and all.’’

Another: “Since you know so much about my healthcare, I was wondering if you could tell me how to handle my period since it is very heavy 4 days out of every month. What is the best product so I can have a productive day during these times or do you think I should just stay at home and call in sick or better yet quite my job since I can’t make my own decisions maybe I shouldn’t be working. What is your medical position on this?”

Frankly, there were so many requests for Rick’s medical advice WNBTv got tired of counting them. However we highly recommend that if you’re a woman seeking sound medical advice on…you know…uh…er…your womanly bits…you head right on over and Ask The Governor!

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