4 thoughts on “hep us, jeebus”

    1. there are plenty of them everywhere, which goes a long way to explaining many of our problems.

      but…the ‘south will rise again’? why not just come out and say we’ll have nigger slaves again?

      will never understand that mindset.

  1. for some reason I don’t think they mean return of the slavery when they say that. segregation maybe. I mean there are several generations now who don’t even know what a slave looks like.

    1. what i think is they have no idea what they mean when they say that; it merely holds a strong emotional resonance for them.

      it’s a if the south, or those who hold claim to the notion, all have a self-esteem problem. they feel the rest of the nation holds their self regarding mulish backwardness, minority and women hating attitudes against them.

      which of course we do.

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