Glad That\’s Over

Super Tuesday Results
Your Presumptive GOP Nominee

Super Tuesday went as expected; Romney padded his delegate lead — Santorum, Paul and Gingrich gained just enough to continue to receive federal matching cash try and force a floor fight at the Miami convention this summer.

Meanwhile, in a truer temperature check of the nation’s health, while the list of advertisers who have dropped Limbaugh like the hot turd he is continues to grow 1, only two radio stations have dropped El Tubbo from their line-up — WBEC in Pittsfield, Mass., and KPUA in Hilo, Hawaii. 2

Just two stations.

Which is another way of saying El Lardo keeps his job. 3

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 3 footnotes

  1. AccuQuote Life Insurance, Allstate Insurance, AOL, Bare Escentuals, Bethesda Sedation Dentistry, Bonobos, Carbonite, Cascades Dental, Citrix, Girl Scouts, Goodwill Industries, Hadeed Carpet, JCPenney, Legal Zoom, Matrix Direct, Philadelphia Orchestra, PolyCom, ProFlowers, Quicken Loans, Reputation Rhino, Sears, Sensa, Service Magic, Sleep Train, Sleep Number, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Tax Resolution, Thompson Creek Windows and Vitacost. Congratulations: you are to be commended for your right action.
  2. Rock group Rush has asked El Lardo to quit playing their music on his show as well.
  3. Bob’s running partner nearly offers a clenched jaw defense of The Stoned One; it’s a good read.

4 thoughts on “Glad That\’s Over”

  1. just like any boycott this only solidifies Rush’s following in the idea that they are being oppressed in this country. he survived drug charges and he will do fine with this. if I were him I wouldn’t even bother apologizing, I would double down instead and come out ahead.

    1. i thought he might do exactly that; continue to refer to ms fluke as an unrepentant whore and damn the eyes of any advertiser that dropped him. however i don’t believe el turdo was prepared for the number of sponsors that went screaming into the hills – -5, 7, or even 10 companies bailing on him might have been acceptable, to be, perhaps, replaced with corporations that might be considered ‘fellow travelers’. but nearly 30 sponsors bailing, with perhaps more to come, has to be killing his wallet. and rush is only as ideological as he is wealthy.

  2. I got a feeling that Rush is set for life and he can support his habits with an occasional speaking engagement. I am pretty sure he is not in it for the money at this point. I don’t put the boycotters on any higher moral ground than people who got Bill Maher off the air on ABC, or Imus, or the ones who always bitch about Howard Stern, or Jerry Fallwell vs. L.Flynt, etc. Just because this time they found someone more sympathetic than usual to take up as their cause these people are all the same. Sponsors will wait it out and come back without too much noise.

    1. You could well be right vis a vis the money, though my bet is that –once a junkie always a junkie – limbaugh is probably so high most the time he has no idea what he’s really saying. that said however, sponsors pulling support tends to ‘delegitimatize’ his point of view (righly or wrongly), which is why it’s important he stem the bleeding now.

      as to blanket comparisons past (and probable future), i thought Chez did a good job of addressing that point

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