Fly me to the moon…

Just scooting over to HyVee!Auto shows don’t crank  my motor.

No matter how ‘revolutionary’ the manufacturer’s new design, one is aware its sole purpose is to mask hundred year plus technology, a technology that still gets crap gas mileage and  breaks down or wears out shortly after 100,000 miles. 1

The 2012 NYIAS promises to be different.

In just over a month the NYIAS will formally unveil the Terrafugia Transition® a roadable aircraft. In English that translates to a street legal carplane. 2 The company was founded in 2006 in Woburn, Massachusetts, by MIT trained aeronautical engineers. According to their press release:

Anna Mracek Dietrich, COO of Terrafugia, explains, “We selected the New York International Auto Show to continue the roll-out of the Transition® because of the value this show brings in terms of exposure to future owners, investors, and partners.  The NYIAS is a venue from which we can show the first practical street-legal airplane to the world while meeting the people who will be part of its commercial success in the years to come.”

According to the site it cruises at 115 mph and takeoff with a payload of up to 1430 pounds. It’s as fuel fuel-efficient as anything Detroit or Asia kicks out, at 35 mpg. In addition it’s a rear wheel drive with a cargo area that can store your golf clubs. And, you know, it flies.

I am unreasonably excited about this. 3 Were I going to be back east for work early April I would certainly cop a ticket to the show and check it out. Maybe see about buying stock.

I mean, it’s not a jet-pack…but it’s a damn good start.

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. Cars in the last decade have finally, on average, broken through the 100k death barrier, but that has been so recent an innovation it barely registers.
  2. The company’s term for their invention.
  3. Especially given the fact that the U.S. Government won’t hesitate to use drones against the carplane if it even suspects “ill intent”, however the fuck it decides to define that.

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