Florida Black Writ Bloody

Home sweet homeTrayvon Martin’s death was not unusual. Not for Florida and certainly not across America.

The nation has established any number of ways of killing the uppity nigger, as provided for and explained these last 50 years by the Grand Ol’ Party. 1

In this instance it’s perfectly clear Trayvon deserved to die: little hooded pickanannys have no business lurking in white, genteel 2 neighborhoods, much less berating and/or name-calling upstanding citizens like George Zimmerman with the likes of “Hey, Jewboy honky, Ima punk your old ass! Wachu dink bout dat?” Bam! Two in the head. Or three or four, whatever poor Mr. Zimmerman felt was necessary in the face of such obvious, unrelenting and hateful violence.

Martin’s only possible defense 3 would be if he were a deaf-mute. 4   Obviously, given the filth he directed toward poor Mr. Zimmerman, this was not the case.

But the most compelling case for Trayvon Martin’s death was his thoroughly unfounded belief that as a citizen of this country he had the right to safely walk anywhere in America he wished.

The state of Florida (and more broadly The State), in the professionally trained eagle-eyed form of George Zimmerman (American hero!), baldly refuted Martin’s misapprehension. And in so doing made the perfect Jim Crow statement to the rest of our niggers: Know   Your    Place.

Since 1964 much of America, and most certainly all of The South, has made it perfectly clear that not only was Dred Scott decided erroneously 5, but Brown v. Board of Education was the last fucking straw.

Society at large has quietly sat still as politician after politician has blatantly retrenched the natural, Gawd given boundaries between the species with the genius of ‘reverse’ discrimination. Society has silently rooted the police on every time another Rodney King was beaten on the side of a road or riotously cheered as the flames engulfed whole neighborhoods.

And still the nigger persists.

We ask the question: shall society continue our ‘nickle and dime’ response to this bedeviling dilemma? Or will we gird our collective loins 6 and come upon, finally, a solution 7 that brings peace once more to our troubled land?

(This has been a WNBTv editorial)

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  1. And, no,  America doesn’t normally refer to blacks as ‘niggers’, uppity or otherwise. That is to say, in polite conversation we – the American public – refrain from said speech; even the most die-hard Aryan Nation members will hold their tongue. Mostly because we have too many code words, too many other ways of holding ’em down, without resorting to screaming “Other!!!” However it is useful to remind ourselves on occasion just what sort of mentality we’re still dealing with.
  2. But I repeat myself…
  3. Were he still alive.
  4. And maybe not even then; viz. Reynaldo Munoz
  5. Perhaps the Supremes accidentally ingested psilocybin before the decision? Nothing else makes sense.
  6. Can’t believe I actually wrote that; America’s collective loins would be smelly, grossly overweight and undoubtedly speckled with nasty skin tags…uck! Now, enjoy your breakfast.
  7. Guantanamo Bay is often brought up in this context: if the U.S. can indefinitely ‘detain’ Afghanis there for no more reason than defending their own country, surely we could put every uppity nigger there as well? I mean, we DO have a history of said behavior…

4 thoughts on “Florida Black Writ Bloody”

  1. “……little hooded pickanannys…..”

    Lord t’underin’ jaysus b’y that’s a tautology!
    Even had the correct spelling been used, the word ‘pickaninnies’ designates items/persons of diminutive value/stature. One does not modify a noun that inherently implies littleness with an adjective which also connotes littleness. Then again, one might successfully argue that the noun in question refers to ‘children’, who, based on the increasing incidence of childhood obesity, are not necessarily little, and therefore the adjectival use of the word ‘little’ to modify the noun pickaninny is warranted. Or conversely, one might argue that a concatenate of self-reinforcing words cannot be disproved, or maligned, because they depend on the assumption that they represent a universal unconditioned truth, and hence are always valid.
    Still with me?
    Suffice it to say, we Mongoloids are always amused at the phylogenetic machinations you lower primates in the Caucasoid and Negroid races seem enjoy. Y’all should concentrate on the things that unite you(Yins are both inferior to us, equally), not the things that devide you(variant dermal melanin concentrations).

    1. Funny you should say that. I am in the market for a new manservant.
      Like the Saudi royals I tend to beat mine to death when my deeply abusive master-servant relationship for my own personal gratification ceases being a mouth amuser.

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