The only benefits that can (be) conceivably attached to Daylight Saving Time would seem to be ones that cannot be quantified, such as the psychic benefit of having daylight last longer into the late afternoon/early evening, meaning that people have more time after normal work hours for outdoor activities. Today’s sunset here in Virginia, for example, is at 6:15pm rather than 5:15pm. By mid-April, we’ll have daylight until well after 7pm. Is that a good thing? I suppose it is. Of course, if we just stayed on Standard Time, or for that matter made DST itself Standard Time it really doesn’t matter, we’d get longer days anyway since the days will become longer as we get closer to June 21st. Is there really all that much benefit from manipulating the clock every six months like this? I don’t really see it.

So there you have it. Moving the clocks ahead an hour, and then back again seven months later, is bad for your health, it increases the risk of road accidents, it increases energy use, and it has little if any real benefits to the economy or the environment. So, tell me again why we still have it? (via)

The little known truth about DST is that no state is forced to follow DST. It’s totally optional. Though try and get a state legislature to make a common sense move…

On the other hand, the Innernetz does have its uses.

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2 thoughts on “DST”

  1. I am on record saying that I would register to vote and actually vote for any candidate who will guarantee abolishing DST. Even Ron Paul or Santorum. Even the Russians dropped it last year. Opting out state-by-state would make it a nightmare for people who live in bi-state areas.

    1. the anarchist in me delights at the idea of kansas and missouri living their lives by disparate clocks; it would formally solidify their current relationship…

      and the inevitable arguments over which state’s time was ‘correct’ would guarantee endless hilarity.

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