Disney à la Witaszek

Mouse and a manWhat a wonderful idea for a film. Great poster, too; it captures the notion of a creative imagination in a delightfully playful way.

I can hardly wait for the movie.

Unfortunately, unless Ron Howard has this site bookmarked or in his daily reader, it will be a long wait.

While the poster is real enough, the movie is nothing but a dream, that according to the artist himself.

A lot of people wish to see this movie on screen, but nothing today can confirm that such a project is now starting.” This from the poster’s creator, Parisian artistic director and graphic artist Pascal Witaszak. “All my posters are original ideas. It’s a personal research, besides my advertising job. Of course if I could create official posters in the further months, I’d be the happiest man in the world.”

Disappointed the film wasn’t Coming Soon, I nonetheless had a small (and apparently theoretical) quibble: Ron Howard? What if, you know, what if he turns Walt into another…je ne sais pas…Willow? 1

Its funny, I know that many people don’t agree with my choice of Ron Howard. But for this story of Walt Disney, I’d see a classic (in the good way) and epic director, who could tell this (a)merican dream without too much patriotism. He did it so well with Apollo 13,” Witaszak responded.

Fair enough. Which, considering Ron’s busy on the set and not taking my calls on the subject 2, will have to do. In the meantime, you could do worse than to take in M. Witaszek’s web presence.

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Ce que l’horreur!!
  2. Yes,Ron and moi are that tight!

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