Don\’t try this at home

it's probably a better idea to just pay the $750, huh?I get it…but still. They endured pain to bring life into the world. I’ll be suffering to prevent life. It’s a kind of death, a vasectomy, and not only for my swimmers. I have a buddy whose father -a surgeon- gave himself a vasectomy. Yanked down his pants, tied himself off with surgical hose, arranged a mirror, applied local anesthetic, and got to work. When I asked him about it later, he said he didn’t trust anybody else with his soul. I know what he meant. (via) 1

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  1. Overall a funny article, though somewhat infused by the look-at-how-manly-I-am trope. There’s also more than a tint of hyperbole; WNBTv underwent the same procedure and never felt a “burning spike of pain” as noted by the author. That may, of course, have had to do with WNBTv augmenting our meds pre-surgery…

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