OH OH OH!!! And those pricks who throw those free weekly circulars in my yard; take \’em out!

Roger - that's an affirm, Command. the Girl Scout has cookies, I say again - the Girl Scout has cookies and is making a "tactical" move on the homeowner. Request permission to fry her chubby ass.

We made the case not too long ago that Americans are bat shit crazy to allow drone use over our own soil. It fell on deaf ears per usual. Fine, so be it.

However, if you remain insistent on hunting down and zapping! deadbeat child support fathers with the latest available technology, you should at least be aware that your life will change as well:

The father of one of the boys who was killed said that his son was 12 and that two nephews who were killed were younger. …

Brig. Gen. Lewis Boone, the NATO spokesman here, said … [the boys] “appeared to be carrying weapons and heading for nearby mountains. They were moving in open terrain in a tactical fashion and clearly keeping a distance from each other.”

… It is unclear whether NATO pilots were able to see clearly the size of the people they were bombing in the camera footage, and it is also unclear what happened to the weapons the boys were believed to be carrying. (via)

The aircraft cameras are the same type used on the drones. So what’s the lesson here?

Deer hunters, campers, idiots at the drive-in using their laser pointers on the screen 1, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, paintball enthusiasts, horny guys chasing their girlfriends through the woods – do not, under any circumstances, “move in a tactical fashion.”

Thor help any sort of peaceful protester in the coming years. 2

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. Okay – they can die.
  2. Though, you know what? I’m also fine with preemptive strikes against ice cream trucks. Fuck those noisy bastards where they live.

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