Well, we certainly don\’t want to upset anyone who might believe in superstitious nonsense, now do we?

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Hi. I'm Wayne Miller - Lenoir City Schools Director, religious zealot and censor. Welcome to Tennessee!

LENOIR CITY, TN — Krystal Myers is an honors student, captain of the swim team and editor of her high school newspaper.She’s also an atheist in a predominantly Christian student body.

In a recent editorial that Myers, 18, intended for the Lenoir City High School newspaper entitled “No Rights: The Life of an Atheist,” she questioned her treatment by the majority.

“Why does atheism have such a bad reputation? Why do we not have the same rights as Christians?” she wrote.

Myers’ editorial also accused school administrators, teachers and coaches of violating the constitution by promoting “pro-Christian” beliefs during school-sponsored events.

Lenoir City school authorities have denied Myers permission to publish her editorial in the Panther Press, the staff supervised student newspaper.

They also say their policies do not violate the constitutional rights of any students.

Schools Director Wayne Miller said it was the decision of the school authorities not to allow publication of Myers’ editorial because of the potential for disruption in the school.

“We do have the right to control the content of the school paper if we feel it is in the best interest of the students,” he said. (via)

A copy of Ms Meyers’ editorial can be found here. We say the lass is lucky they didn’t burn her at the stake before the next round-ball home game. 1

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  1. Yes, it reads like a high school-er penned it; that’s not the point.

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