Suck My Wally!

Siri, the latest hipster succubus, seems to have some…er…cultural difficulties, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Scots who rushed to buy it have discovered that their new smart gadget can’t understand them. This is true despite the fact that their phones are set to English (United Kingdom) under the language setting for Siri, which doesnt seem to take the distinctive Scottish burr into much account.

“What’s the weather like today?” Darren Lillie said hopefully into his iPhone recently here in the Scottish capital, in a demonstration for an American reporter.

Lillie, 25, is Edinburgh born and bred, and his thick accent shows it.

Siri thought for a moment, then decided it best to repeat what it thought it heard.

“What’s available in Labor Day?” it asked.

Lillie shook his head. “I don’t even know what Labor Day is,” he said ruefully to the American…

Whoda thunk?

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